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Blog Title: How to check air filter
How often should I check my air filter?
Category: Home Ac Unit Post By: BETTY T LACURE (Los Angeles, CA), 02/24/2016

"While talking about air filter we suggest to check filters monthly basis. If you have a disposable type filter, (these usually have a cardboard edge), and if it is dirty, just replace it. Do not try to clean it. Some higher efficiency 1"" pleated air filters can go up to 3 months before need of replacement. But in the higher-use seasons, it's better to check monthly. As we know different air conditioners have different filter locations. Usually, there is a removable filter access door in the return air duct next to the indoor unit or furnace. This can be in a basement, crawl-space, utility closet, garage, or attic. In few systems especially in older systems, the filter is located inside the furnace itself, next to the blower motor. And some systems have a central filter grille installed in a wall or ceiling. The grille swings open, revealing the air filter. Always keep in mind that many of air filters are directional - the air is meant to flow through the filter in single direction only. If your filter does not have any arrows, see if one side of the filter looks rougher than the other side; that would be the side to collect the dust, so the other side would face the equipment. "

- HECTOR B (San Antonio, TX), 03/30/2016
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