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Blog Title: What are Packaged Terminal AC?
What are Packaged Terminal AC?
Category: Evaporative Coolers Post By: MARTIN MYERS (Stewart, FL), 01/31/2015

Packaged terminal air conditioning units, PTACs, are typically selected where individual zones have an outside wall and are conditioned separately with individual occupant control. PTACs are well suited to hotels, motels, nursing homes and apartments. As the name implies, a single package contains all the components of an air-cooled refrigeration and air-handling system in an individual package. Units are designed for through-the-wall installation, with decorative outdoor grilles as an option. Units are also available with various heating options-electric resistance or hydronic. Other variations include the Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP).

- TERESA STEWART (Ladue, NC), 01/31/2015
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