Advantages Of Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a great heat distribution system that uses the whole floor to heat the home unlike the forced air systems that uses the vent through which the heated air comes out trying to heat a huge space. The basic principle behind radiant floor heating is radiation as the name suggests. In radiant floor heating the water passes through the PEX tubing in the floor. The water that is present in the tubing radiates the heat into the entire structure and there are three types of radiant heating namely, electric radiant floors, hydronic floors and radiant air floors. The best thing about radiant floor heating is that it is an efficient and cost-effective way of heating your homes.

However, there are other advantages associated with radiant floor heating as well. Let us have a look at those advantages.

Radiant floor heating is known for thermal comfort. The difference of radiant heating with other heating systems is that it does not heat the air directly rather it gently warms the surfaces of the objects that are present in the room along with the air that circulates within the room. In radiant heating the temperature at the floor level is little higher than the room temperature near the ceiling. The result is heat loss from the feet and the legs is significantly less and people tend to feel more comfortable.

The advantage of installing a radiant heating system is that it is a quiet system. In such a system only the gas or the oil burner on the boiler can make some noise but these components are usually located in a separate mechanical room that is significantly away from the occupied space.

Radiant floor heating is considered an energy efficient way of heating a home. This is because unlike other heating systems which end up heating even those areas that do not require heating, the radiant heating can be installed only in areas where it is required the most. Moreover, this particular mode of heating system does not need to force the heated air through the home.

Radiant floor heating is known to be a clean heating system and at the same time it reduces allergy. In this form of heating the benefit is that the same air does not get circulated in the room repeatedly.

In terms of durability radiant floor heating is considered the best. This is because the radiant floor heating is as indestructible as the concrete slab itself and that is the reason this kind of heating is most suitable for rooms which have high interior traffic.

Another significant benefit of this particular form of heating is that it has an aesthetic appeal as it is out of sight. It is installed under the floors so one does not have to experience a situation where a heating component protrudes into a room making the placement of furniture difficult.

Last but not the least, to enjoy all these advantages of radiant floor heating it is important that proper care is taken of it through way of maintenance by experienced professionals.




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