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If you are talking about HVAC systems they typically depend on duct systems for distribution of hot and cold air through a controlled mode of distribution. Generally, the duct system is made of sheet material but sometimes they may either be made of other rigid heatproof materials like fiber glass or hard plastic. However, irrespective of the material that has been used to make the duct system the most integral part of the system is the plenum. The plenum of an HVAC system is the air distribution box that is attached directly to the supply outlet of the HVAC system that helps in the heating or the cooling of the room, thus making it comfortable in the process. Also the ductwork that supplies hot or cold air to individual rooms is connected to the plenum.

There is a blower in the HVAC systems which pushes the hot or the cold air to the plenum and from the plenum the air further gets distributed to individual rooms with the help of duct work. In most of the systems the air cleaning filters are also located in the supply plenum. Besides, the supply plenum forced-air systems also have the return plenum. It is an air collection box to which the return ducts connect. When fresh air gets supplied into a room the used air passes through the return duct which in turn passes the air to the return plenum.

As far as the position of plenum is concerned in an HVAC system it is generally placed in the space between the structural ceiling and the drop-down ceiling. It is also possible that a plenum is under a raised floor. However, in case of buildings which have computer installations the plenum space can be used to place connecting communication cables. This is important because ordinary cables can emit toxic elements during fire incidents so special cables are required in the plenum areas.

As far as return plenum is concerned they are a necessity for furnaces and air handlers. It is the return plenum that help these units function more efficiently. The price of return plenum largely depends on individual manufacturers. There are both advantages and disadvantages of return air plenum. The advantages of the application are the following:

First of all it is less expensive to install return air plenums. Besides, they also reduce energy consumption and so the need for balancing labor also decreases. The return air plenum also reduces the necessary depth of the ceiling space.

At the same there are also a few disadvantages associated with the return plenum. First of all, it should be kept in mind that while installing the return air plenum it should be constructed airtight because in case of this system it can be quite difficult to have control on the air flow. It should also be kept in mind that if return air plenums are not designed properly it might bring in outdoor air thus making the place uncomfortable.

So, taking into consideration both advantages and disadvantages return air plenum needs to be installed judiciously.

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