Problems Of Installing An Over Sized Furnace

Furnaces are traditional way of heating a home and furnaces are available in different sizes to meet the demand of various households. Hence, it is obvious that it is important that a right sized furnace is installed in your home to get the maximum benefits of heating. There are many HVAC technicians who would like to sell off an over sized furnace just for the sake of money but it is never the correct way. So it is important that you stay away from such unscrupulous HVAC professionals and get in touch with a trusted HVAC technician who will help you in choosing the right sized furnace for your home.

There are several problems of installing an over sized furnace for your home. They are the following:

Short cycling is a common problem that develops in furnaces which are over sized. This happens because the set temperature in the furnace is reached within a very short time and then the furnaces shuts down and it begins operation again after some time. Such a situation continues throughout the day. The result is wear and tear in the heating unit increases which in turn leads to frequent repairs and also the life span of the furnace is reduced.

Inefficiency is another drawback with over sized furnace. When a furnace is over sized it is less efficient as the furnace first fires up it do not reach its peak efficiency until the air that is coming out reaches a steady value. The problem with an over sized furnace is that it spends a lot of time warming up and the result is as it reaches a steady temperature, the thermostat is already satisfied and the furnace shuts off. This causes wastage of energy.

It is highly probable that you end up feeling uncomfortable when you have an over sized furnace installed in your home. This is because with a bigger furnace the home gets too much conditioned air at once and the result is the room might feel too warm and can cause major temperature swings. Moreover, all the rooms in the house are not adequately heated because the thermostat will heat up too quickly and the furnace in turn will shut down before every room in the house is properly heated.

High energy bills are another difficulty associated with over sized furnaces. The maximum amount of energy is consumed when the furnace is starting and heating up and when a furnace is over sized and short cycling it will spend a lot of time in the startup mode and the result is it will consume more amount of energy leading to high utility bills.

Over sized furnace also requires additional installation cost because one might to have to construct additional space to accommodate an over sized furnace. In fact gas and water connections also sometimes need to be removed so that big sized furnaces can have enough space.

Thus, to get the right sized furnace installed in your home it is best to get in touch with a licensed HVAC professional who will make the calculation using the Manual J formula to find out the size of the furnace that is most suitable for your home.



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