When Should An Air Conditioner Be Repaired?

If you are having an air conditioner at home it is the common expectation among people that the appliance should continue to run smoothly without any trouble for many years at a stretch. However, it is not a very realistic expectation. This is because as an appliance runs continuously for quite some time, it is obvious that there will be some wear and tear in the machine and some of its parts will start malfunctioning. This is when air conditioners require repair and you might have to call an air conditioner contractor for the service. While at sometimes there are certain repairs that you will be able to handle all by yourself.

 Before you call in an air conditioner contractor to your home to take care of the air conditioning system, it is important that you have a clear idea as in when an air conditioner requires repair. In fact, it is a better idea to check your air conditioning unit well in advance and call in a technician before the unit stops working completely.

If you find the condenser coil of the air conditioner clogged you will need to call in an AC repair technician so that they can clear it off. This is because when the coil is clogged it will have to work hard to produce a similar level of cooling which in turn will create strain on all the other parts of the air conditioner.

The blower-fan belt of an air conditioner needs to be replaced after every few years so if your air conditioner has worked for some years it is time that you call in an air conditioner technician to replace it.

The other signs that should be telling you that it is time to call in an air conditioner contractor are the following:

There is no cool air: Even at full blast if you notice that your air conditioner is unable to cool the room properly, it is obvious that the unit is in need of some serious repairs and you should call in a technician to do the job for you.

Similarly, if the air conditioner suffers from poor airflow the problem could be with the compressor and you should immediately get in touch with an expert to take care of the unit. At the same time, the problem could also be with the duct system. However, in both these cases none but an expert can take care of your air conditioner.

Another obvious sign that your air conditioner needs repair is when you observe that your energy bills are higher than it used to be. It means that there is some problem with your air conditioning unit and it should be taken care of by an expert HVAC person.

When the air conditioner is giving out strange emissions like smells, sound, or moisture when turned on is also indication enough that the system needs a tune-up.

Sometimes the problem could be with the thermostat and not with the air conditioning. The way you can tell that the problem is with the thermostat is when one part of the house becomes very cold while the other part remains at the same temperature. However, even if the problem is with the thermostat you will have to call in a technician.

Lastly, whenever you notice such problems with your air conditioner it is recommended not to delay with the repair work rather a repair technician should be called in immediately to avoid any serious consequences.



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